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Default Re: Who do we want in RETURN???

Miami probably wouldn't do this, but lets pretend they get bumped out of the top 3, giving them the 4th pick. Maybe, if they want to get a little more depth and get slightly younger at the PF position, this could happen:

Portland gets:

Heat gets:

Yep, very similar to the Memphis trade, but I'd much rather have Haslem than Darko even though Haslem is slightly older (27 vs 22). Plus Haslem has experience without being too old.


I'd like to see the Blazers trade with the Bucks for either Ramon Sessions or (if he is at the board) DJ Augustine.


Channing Frye
2nd rounder(s)


Charlie Villanueva
Ramon Sessions

Upgrades the Blazer's backup PF. Jack currently is better than Sessions, but Sessions has major upside (maybe too much for the Bucks to let go of at his price ). I'm not sure on the Bucks' need for a scoring backup SG in a PG's body, but if they need it, it could work.

Another possibility with Milwaukie:
(2nd rounder?)


Charlie V
draft rights to DJ Augustine (assuming Milwaukie is in position for that)

Pretty much we upgrade backup PF, we up ourselves in potential at the PG spot, with Milwaukie downgrading at those positions but they gain draft picks.

Edit: Wait, scratch that last one. I really don't see Milwaukie wanting Sergio AND Sessions. I won't delete the trade request I wrote for the sake of somebody possibly modifying it to make more sense.
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