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Default Re: Chuck Swirsky leaving Raptors

I can't say that I am going to miss him. He definitely got very annoying at times and some of his catch phrases just bugged the **** out of me. It will be strange not hearing him call the games though, that is for sure. I admit that he was probably one of the better play by play men in the buisness though and I doubt the replacement will be any better.

Paul Jones or somebody like him will most likely be the replacement.

Well it just means more for my boy Jack Armstrong HELLO!!!

This doesn't mean more of Jack Armstrong unfortunately as he is a colour commentator and not a play by play man. He only does games when they are on Sportsnet and Raptors TV (?). We are going to be seeing very little of him next season though as Sportsnet isn't covering too many games, if any. I think I read that somewhere.
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