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Default K.g.

First time ever in the T-wolves forum. Kinda interesting I will say. I stopped in to ask a few K.G. questions.
1) do you think K.G. is gonna stay in Minny this year or finally get traded?
2) where do you rank K.G. as a forward as of last season, or as a player?
3) How many wins will the t-wolves produce this year?
4) Will they make the playoffs?
5) If K.G. were to get traded, where do you think he will go?

Here are my answers.........
1) I think K.G. will ask to be traded this year partly because I don't think he will want to be part of rebuilding situation. I believe he will "ask", but not demand it.
2) I rank K.G. about number 10 as forwards 20th in the nba as a whole, here's why...
Dirk,Elton Brand, Duncan,Bosh,Amare(before he got hurt although that may not count),Jermaine O'neal(when he doesn't play out of position),Dwight and Josh Howard,Melo are all more talented even in K.G.'s hay day. But if you gave them the amount of touches and featutre them first in their offenses there stats would be higher than K.G.'s also. By the way I forgot Kirilenko(who by the way averaged 15pt,8red,4ast 3blks.1stl,played less mins and was injured,The Matrix. Hell lets put Ron artest in the category too. Now if just added any position to mix let's bring in J.terry, D Wade, Lebron, A.I. Paul Pierce, Kobe, Steve Nash. K.G. isn't top talent no more. He is just above average. His numbers are what they are because he is 1st option, the only rebounder like a Ben wallace(who I didn't count), He has the ball in his hands at least 13 seconds of any possession. Put that in these other mentioned players and their stats would be alot higher.
3) I think the wolves will win about 45 games, dependinng on the play of mike james(of course he won't get to shoot as much), the rookies, and the normal t-wolve injuries. Very good draft though. The west got some surprise teams out there, so, 4) they might not make the plauoffs. I think N.O. will get in. Byron Scott just make players play their best and Chris Paul is phenemonal. Plus Houston will be back if they are healthy. Utah might get in. Plus S.A, Pho, Dal, Clips, Den(if healthy), Sac(building of last years comeback), Lakers. Mem, Hous, N.O. fighting for the eigth is going to make things very tough.

5) if K.G. were to get traded I would love to see him go to the Lakers. An unselfish star teamed up with a top 5 player would be exciting to watch.

So ther it is T-wolves fans. What do you think?
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