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I have a few friends that went D1 and I was recruited to a few d2 schools and let me tell you, Cfb is a hell of alot better than hs football. If you watch college and then watch hs, the hs teams look like turtles. Yes Im from Texas and I played at corsicana which is in the same district as Ennis and we also played lufkin when i was a sophmore and reggie mcneal was there and they were ranked 5th in the nation(though that is a bunch of bs). For atmosphere, hs is probably second to college but for gameplay its light years behind anything else and its purely because its teenagers playing vs grown men playing. There are a few guys who could play as teenagers in college but very very few. Its just a huge talent differential.

I do like college more than the nfl even though there is a talent differential there to. As for this season i cant wait for OSU vs UT. I think OSU is a little overrated because they lost 5 first round picks after losing 2 games last year and they are supposed to be this unbelievable juggernaut now? I dont see it though smith is a beast. Plus I want to see my darkhorse heisman candidate Jamaal Charles destroy that defense with 9 new starters.
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