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Originally Posted by The Mamba
When I was in high school, I'd bring my hooping shoes with me to school each day. I was on the team, so I had a locker in the locker room. I'd play everyday before school started. Working on my game. A few of my friends and teammates did the same. Take a shower, change, go to class. After school, we'd have practice. If Bball season was over, I'd go straight to the local rec center and run pickup with all the high school, college players in the area. Wear nice casual shoes, Timbs, etc. and bring your hooping shoes seperate and leave them in a locker when you're not playing. You don't want to have sweaty gear on all day. Naw mean?

How often would you wash the soles of your hoop shoes. Mine get pretty smelly quick.

I sent you a Pm.
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