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Default Re: why the nugs CAN'T trade nene

I 100% agree with you about Nene and how Melo, Nene, Kleiza, and J.R. are the core of this team. It doesn't matter who we let go this offseason as long as we keep these four. Not only are they the core of this team, but they are young and will be the future of this Nuggets Franchise for many years to come.
What many people (Nuggets bandwagon fans) don't realize is that Nene can plain out play. I don't care if your Charles Barkley or Stephen A. Smith you have to admit that Nene is one of very few big guys (mainly Amare Stoudemire) that can take on anyone inside.
One thing that Nuggets fans don't want to see is Nene leaving and being able to play at a high level every season. We don't want to see another Chauncy Billups leave Denver and become one of the best players in the NBA.
Hopefully the Nuggets Organization realizes the value of Nene and understand why we need him not just for the future, but to surround Melo with players that think of the team first and themselves last.
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