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This Trade Succeeded!

Orlando Magic

You have decreased the winning percentage by -47.56%

Projected: W-52 L-30
After trade: W-13 L-69

Ben Wallace

Years Remaining: 3
PPG: 0 RPG: 0
APG: 0 PER: 0

* B. Wallace
* W. Szczerbiak

Outgoing Players: Rashard Lewis, Dwight Howard, Brian Cook

Cleveland Cavaliers

You have increased the winning percentage by 24.39%

Projected: W-45 L-37
After trade: W-65 L-17

Rashard Lewis

Years Remaining: 6
PPG: 0 RPG: 0
APG: 0 PER: 0

* R. Lewis
* D. Howard
* B. Cook

Outgoing Players: Ben Wallace, Wally Szczerbiak
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