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Default Re: What Team Should I Use?

Originally Posted by Maniak
i tried rebuilding the far my lineup is...

C-Pau Gasol
PF-E. Griffin
SF-Mike Miller
SG-R Gay
PG-M. Conley

D Stoudamaire
H Turkeyglue
L Head
Z Pachulia
S Ball
G Giricheck
S Swift

It's been OK, im kinda peeded, i coulda grabbed bosh, but didnt have enough money

What can i do to help the team?

Oh and when i do the workout practicey stuff, my overall stats will go like from 96 on gasol-89.....why is it doing this? and how do i boost chemistry?

Yeah Grizzlies are a good team cause u can build around gasol....I was gonna do 'Cats, but w/e....

I traded away Mike Miller for a #1 draft pick from.... Sonics I think? Key is, trade him to a team that's going to have a high draft choice AND already has a skilled player at that position. Sonics are loaded with SF's. Adding Mike Miller won't really improve their team, which means my draft pick from the Sonics is high.

Then I turned around and traded Warrick and another player (I want to say it was Stromile Swift, who I got for someone else) for another #1 draft choice, using the same formula of trading them to a team that doesn't really need them.

Lastly, I traded away every contract I had that had 2 or more years (except Conley and Gay) for an expiring contract.

My team of course sucked that year, but I had a #1, #3, and #15 first round draft choice, and I had about 30 mil in free cap money. (before I signed my rookies)

I drafted a starting center, starting SF, and a backup SF, then in free agency, signed David Lee to a 1 yr deal, Louis Williams and Ben Gordan to 1 year deals. The key is, if the free agent crop isn't great, only sign 1 year deals so you retain your cap money for next season. Rookies had ratings of 78 (c), 78 (sf), and 71 (backup sf).

Next season my team was a little better, but still a lotto pick. My expiring contracts were even larger this year, giving me just under $40 mil in cap money. I signed Baron Davis, David Lee again (Kidd, and R. Wallace denied my offers), plus a couple of other 1 year deals and drafted a PG with a rating of 78. I also signed Sean Williams.

I immediately traded Baron Davis for Yao Ming, who had a smaller contract and less years on it. I made the playoffs that year finally.

A few seasons later my rookies had progressed to where my center was an 88, my SF was an 86. I traded the SF and the backup PG (the 78 rookie, who was now an 84) and got Lebron James.

Then I turned around and made another deal where I traded Travis Outlaw, Ming, and some filler for Brandon Wright who was now a 92.

So in the end, I now have:

Mike Conley, Rudy Gay, Lebron James, Brandon Wright, and my computer center (James Brooks) all at 90 or better ratings.

From that point on, you just make the best selection you can with your mid level selection in the off season, and try to bring in younger players before your older guys start declining. The draft becomes useless when you're a contender.

As soon as I made the Wright trade, I won the title that year. This last season we not only won 75 games, but we didn't lose a single game the month of April, and won the title. Oddly enough I didn't have a DPOY, MVP, MIP, or anything, not even all-nba. This is all with sim'ing, btw, but when I DO play, MAN is it a blast to have Lebron and Gay on the same team.


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