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Originally Posted by Kobe24
You are stupid. Lamar made a decision to not play because he didn't want to leave his wife alone crying and grieving while he plays basketball. That's selfish and don't hate on him because he made that decision,his baby passed away and that's all that matters and nothing else. Lamar is wayy better than Maggette. Lamar can play the 1,2,3,4 and haven't seen him play the 5 but probably can.
You have no right to call me stupid. You have never met me, so how can you judge my intelligence? I will tell you what is stupid, getting paid millions of dollars and jeopardizing your living by smoking weed and jeopardizing it more than once. If he cared so much about his family why could'nt he leave the pot alone? Trust me, I have experienced alot more of Odom's disappointing career than you have. Why don't we do this, post a Odom vs. Maggette survey on all of the other forums. Simply ask other team Fans, who would they rather prefer on their team.
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