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Default denver post smoke signals?

is the denver post sending out fake smoke signals for the organization?, or do they have the dumbest writers in basketball media history?- or worse yet are they getting real inside informtion that is showing that the organization has complete idiots running it?

why would the denver post keep writing trade carmelo peices?- trading carmelo would be the worst move in franchise history.period- it can not happen- just impossible to logically want to do that, or at least very short memoried- melo IS the best player we have had in a long long time if not ever- melo has already proved that him and any 10 nba players is a playoff team- stop joking about trading melo, it really incites a lot of idiotic comments on the nba site of ish

the inside info that they have pretended to have says that at #20 the nugs want to draft ty lawson? are you joking- you cant take a guy like that in the 1st rd- that pick would be terrible, we need a pg but we dont need a backup pg, we already have 2 of them in atkins and ac

they have also mentioned that the nugs are in love with and would like to make a move for eric gordon- are our leaders really that stupid- do we really need another gunner who wont be able to defend either gaurd spot? if iverson was gone i could maybe see gordon making sense as the new jr off the bench as jr takes the starting 2 gaurd role

i have been trying to give these guys credit (or wanting to) but since stealing jr for 2 second rd picks they have done nothing else to show that they have a clue

the only way im going to feel good about this is if the brass really does know what they are doing and their plan was this=

"ok, we have a bunch of work to do, lets get the word to these clowns at the d post and see if they will help put out some smoke signals- dont badmout iverson in anyway, we HAVE to move him- use carmelo as this years scapegoat- last year was jr's fault the year before was kmarts fault....- also we have to move up and grab the perfect peice to add to this team RUSSEL WESTBROOK, so put out the word that we want to trade up for gordon, and never mention westbrook so we can sneek up on him, go ahead and mention a pawn like lawson so that nobody gets suspicious about us not looking for a point"

on the other hand that is an awful lot of assuming that im doing and the reality of george karl still working for the nuggets is a pretty clear sign that our leaders are complete fools

if the denver post is right on any of their "ideas" we are screwed really really bad

lawson&iverson backcourt would land us in the top 5 of next years draft and we would be there for a long time- oh yeah and if they were dumb enough to put that backcourt in the light blue then they are surely dumb enough to trade jr for their new 6th man off the bench eric gordon

will the nugs for the first time ever try to build around melo instead of despite him? it will take alot of work, but i guess we will soon see-
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