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A player with Anthony's abilities is always desirable, however his offcourt problems dilute his talents. Since entering the NBA, Anthony has been the subject of numerous controversies:

- In 2004 Anthony was cited for marijuana possession after inspectors at Denver International Airport found marijuana in his backpack. Charges were later dropped after Anthony’s friend, James Cunningham, of St. Louis, signed an affidavit taking responsibility for the marijuana.

- In 2004, Anthony appeared in a video entitled, Stop Snitchin', which warned that residents of Baltimore who collaborated with the police would face violence.

- In 2006, Anthony’s friend, Tyler Brandon Smith, was pulled over in Anthony’s vehicle and cited for marijuana possession and three traffic violations.

- In 2006, Anthony was involved in the infamous Knicks-Nuggets brawl during a game at Madison Square Garden. He was suspended 15 games as a result.

- On April 14, 2008, Anthony was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence after being pulled over for weaving through lanes and not dimming his lights. Anthony, who was alone in the car, failed a series of sobriety tests. He was ticketed and then released at police headquarters to a "sober responsible party."
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