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Default Re: denver post smoke signals?

We all know that Melo is pretty much the heart and soul of this Nuggets team, but the one question we need to ask ourselves is that, is he capable of leading us to a championship. Ever since he got to Denver he was a big hit with fans and teammates, but that is wearing out right now because of his personal problems off the court, and his one way street on playing the game of basketball. When talking about building around Melo, will he be the same player as he is now or will he be a new Melo that is going to step up and become a leader.

I disagree with you about really needing to keep Melo because we have tried a lot of things by surrounding him with a great passing point guard in Andre Miller and then we tried to help him with A.I.. Nothing seems to work unless Melo is willing to change the way he plays. I think Melo should have stayed in college with Syracuse all the way through because it seems to me that he hasn't matured yet, on and off the court. The reason why I said he wasn't mature on the court is because he needs to learn how to work with his teammates in being able to trust them in scoring or other parts of the game. The maturity level is shown especially when he can't make a shot and keeps on shooting, PASS THE BALL if you can't drain your shots or take it to the rim. Jump shots won't help him in those slumps. Great veteran players know when to stop shooting and they also know when to start passing. For the off the court stuff, we all know what he has done and has done nothing to solve it. I am tired of Melo and wondering when is going to step up and become a leader, every year since he has been in Denver we keep hoping, wanting, and needing him to become a leader. To also become a well-rounded player on both sides of the ball, especially defensively.

If we trade Melo we may be able to get some great players out of that trade. The key for the Nuggets is to find what is wrong with this team when it gets into the playoffs, and the one thing that has been the same is Melo who hasn't been able to get out of the first round since he has been here.
Melo is a great guy and player and I think he would be great somewhere else, he would probably be like Chauncey Billups, but in order for this organization to move on we have to a step backwards to go two steps forward.
It is too late for any coaches to get a grip on Melo to change the way he plays.

It is too early to make any predictions right now, but when June first rolls in the Nuggets need to make a move. I have a feeling that there maybe some surprising moves that we as fans wouldn't expect As a fan I hope Melo stays, but as a person who is knowledgable about sports and the game of basketball I know that some things needs to be changed in order to take a step into a right and successful direction. The key if we keep Melo is for him to become a leader, and for that to happen we need A.I. to leave, because A.I. seems to take on that role.

For the Nuggets they need to choose between young Melo or aging Iverson.
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