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Default Re: denver post smoke signals?

Originally Posted by Mile High Crew

I disagree with you about really needing to keep Melo because we have tried a lot of things by surrounding him with a great passing point guard in Andre Miller and then we tried to help him with A.I..

As a fan I hope Melo stays, but as a person who is knowledgable about sports and the game of basketball I know that some things needs to be changed in order to take a step into a right and successful direction. The key if we keep Melo is for him to become a leader, and for that to happen we need A.I. to leave, because A.I. seems to take on that role.

For the Nuggets they need to choose between young Melo or aging Iverson.

thanks for the response mile high crew

im glad to get feedback from someone who is knowledgeable about sports and the game of basketball-
-im sure you noticed that with andre's complete inability to shoot from the outside that his man was allowed to freely come down to double in the post without getting in any trouble- andre and melo also both want the ball in the post themselves and only one can doit at a time- andre is a really good if not great passer, but i would think that you would have to remember that there was some flaws to his game that made him not the perfect match- i would say though that while andre and melo played together andre definitly made melo better and had things moving foreward

on the other hand could you explain to me how ai's game "helps" carmelo- im just not knoledgable enough to figure it out- the way i see it is that iverson making somewhere between 5&10 entry passes to the post per year has ended up drawing carmelo out to the perimiter to start his offense- and it hasnt been a good thing for melo to have to be an outside-in player

i stand by my thought that denver has never built around melo, only despite him- and i do think carmelo needs to and can become a leader- i just dont think surrounding him with guys like k mart and iverson is the way it will happer-

building around melo in my mind- at least 2 outside shooters on the court with him at a time, preferably 3(rasheed wallace over kmart at that time would have been the perfect pf imo)- also you have to have a point gaurd that can and will bring the ball to him-

i also agree that carmelo needs to pass more, but pass to who? where? carmelo gets the ball after a "point gaurd" dribbles up and hands back to iverson, iverson dribbles around looking for a shot, and then when its time for a bailout pass he passes back OUT to carmelo and everyone on the nugs is standing there letting the lane pack in because generally nobody will be covering carter, kmart or iverson past 10-15 feet- camby stretches the defense about as far as anyone out to close to over 15

i just cant understand( but want to if you dont mind explaining) how anyone could ever say that the nuggets have ever built around melo- jr was an accident and they try hard not to let melo and jr play together

mile high, i gree with you that either iverson or carmelo need to go, i just dont see how you would have to think about it or how their is any choice to be made

yes, without a doubt i see carmelo as someone who can lead this franchise to championships- i just am sure that it isnt with this sqaud as its made up, but i do believe that we have half the pieces-
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