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You can move AI and keep Webber. Webber has two years left and as long as you aren't taking in long term deals with Iverson, it shouldn't be a big issue. I'd rather they both go if they are gonna blow it up, but it can be done with Webber still on the roster.

I'd rather not draft Mardy Collins at 13. He's an ok player, but I think they can do better with a Shelden Williams, Cedric Simmons, Ronnie Brewer, O'Bryant, Carney or Marcus Williams if he's there.

They probably won't be able to get both Ely and Jumaine Jones, as both of them will probably be guys that get around the full MLE. I doubt they'll be able to split it to get them both. It's the right idea, though.

Dalembert has to be moved while he still has value. A Dalembert/Webber frontcourt is still gonna lead to one of the worst defenses in the league, unless Sam suddenly develops a brain. Which I doubt.
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