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Default Re: denver post smoke signals?

The only one that needs to go is George Karl. It's been proven that his style of play only works in the regular season, but not in the playoffs, where it counts. When was the last Run & Gun team to win a championship? the 1988 Lakers, that's right 1988!!!!. Everyone knows that Defense wins Championships, just look at San Antonio. Ever wonder why Phoenix has never been able to win an NBA title even with a 2 time MVP Steve Nash, Amare Stoudemire, Raja Bell, + Shaun Marion? Because they or their coach much like Denvers, does not emphasize defense. But unlike Denver, Phoenix has finally realized this and went after Shaq and decided to get rid of coach D'antoni, who refused to preach any Defense to the players whatsoever, EX. just look at Steve Nash's awesome defense?..yeah right!. Meanwhile you have Denver giving immunity to a coach who is now 3-16 in the playoffs and far less accomplished as Denvers head coach compared to D'antoni with about sad and stupid. All this team wants to do is shoot and not do any of the dirty work, aside from Camby of course, and that **** is not going to get it done. They need every one contributing defensevily if they ever hope to make it out of the 1st round or even make the playoffs like this season. I don't care if they bring in Andre Miller or Kirk Heinrich, or Ron long as that idiot of a coach remains with the Nuggets, there style of play is not going to change and they won't get no where any time soon. Denvers 1st priority is to bring in a new head coach, they need a coach who will beat some disclipline into the players and will make them play defense, a coach like Avery Johnson and they have to do it quick before Chicago picks him up.

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