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Default Re: denver post smoke signals?

Good post Krayzie, but I'm not too big on Avery. In Dallas a lot of their offensive sets were just isolations. That's why Jason Kidd didn't fit well there - they didn't run, which is when he's at his best, and they didn't implement a playmaking PG into their offense. I would fear Avery slowing down Denver's running game. I wouldn't be surprised if he did. Denver's roster can be compared to Dallas'. A big player who can play both forward positions with a great jumpshot: Dirk and Melo. Off the bench firepower in 3's and also a good passer: Terry vs Smith. Defensive presence down low: Dampier vs Camby. If he came, I'm hoping he wouldn't try to transform the team. The coach being brought in has to know how to do AT LEAST this one thing: coach a well-constructed transition offense.
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