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Originally Posted by clipps

Chris Kaman > Chris Mihm
Elton Brand > Kwame Brown
Corey Maggette = Lamar Odom
Cuttino Mobley < Kobe Bryant
Sam Cassell > Smush Parker

Zeljko Rebraca/Paul Davis/Bonifac N'Dong > Andrew Bynum
Tim Thomas/Aaron Williams = Vladimer Radmanovic/Brian Cook/Ronnie Turiaf
James Singleton/Yaroslav Korolev > Luke Walton
Quinton Ross = Mo Evans/Von Wafer/Aaron McKie
Shaun Livingston/Daniel Ewing > Jordan Farmar/Shamond Williams

The Clippers have more greater-than signs than less-than signs. The Clippers are the better team... again. If the Lakers are the better team, that makes them an elite. The Lakers are not an elite.

WTF? First of all Odom>Maggete. Last time I checked,Odom isn't injured for 50 games. Tim Thomas and Williams better than Vlad,Cook and Turiaf? Homer at it's best.
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