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Default Re: Big Board of Top 115 NBA Draft Prospects, by Position, w/Analysis

Originally Posted by Hanator
This draft will be intresting, ı want to everybody to pay attension

Ímer Faruk Aşık

6.11 Turkey Centre

Ímer is intresting player, he is as long as a good centre but very agile player to other centres in nba. Lets we can say like a Biendris in GoldenState. He is fast, he likes blocking. And he was the EuroLeague BlockLeader this season and at the Top16 in Eurolague he made 19blocks in 6matches avarage 3.2 and it was a Euroleague AllTime Record. And he is only 21years old. Other Averages can see at and can u look at the Domestic league avarages at . But on the tbl he got only half of the season avarages coz he changed team between the season.

I told some statictis but i several times watch him live. First time in İzmir u19 Basketball Championship. At the that championship he isn't the first player in rotation and he is even 3th prefernence. At that team other Draft entery Semih Erden was playing and first choise at that team. But he playerd nice several matches and Turkey again lost at Final we lost final 3 finals with same team against to Spain. bu this time we lost against to Serbia . After the championship 1season Ímer did nothing and like a free season but after the free season he made sth for the basketball and many player focus on him . But actually ı want to say sth about this season for Ímer. First half he is at the Alpella. And alpella is a underavarages team in Turkey. And many people says " alpella will be elimanted from first league". But after the matches alpella went up and try to enter the playoffs . At that time many people focus on Ímer Aşık. Because he made scores at charge, blocked who enter paint area. He grapped offensive ribos and dunked them all with power. U could say Alpellas all load was on the Ímers Shoulder. But after the half break of the season. Fenerbahce Ulker transfered Ímer. It was tough for Ímer because Ulker is a EuroLeague team and champion nominee at the Domestic league. But he lost some times at playing but he countinued that amazing season . became a RecordHolder at the EuroLeague. And now he is playing with Fenerbahce Ulker in DomesticLeague Playoffs. And he is making well.

And my thinks

i think he is the most poteansial player in Turkey as a Real Centre. Not like a memos state. He can deal with all players in Nba in deffance in few years, actually other season. He need to be more stronger. On the offens he need a lot of pratice. New skills and New moves. Because of that weakiness he need one more season in Europe. After that he can be player at the nba, and ı advise everybody to attension to Ímer Faruk Aşık.

he got many videos at the youtube u can check them.
Pekovic destroyed all centers in Izmir that year, he totally dominated...
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