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Then you're delusional. The first one better? Let's look at it...

Originally Posted by KBfan
This is the lakers starters

PG-Smush Parker-Needs to improve on making penatration layups

SG-Kobe Bryant-AMAZING

SF-Lamar Odom-Besides improving on 3s really complete.

PF-Kwamie Brown-Needs to get out on the fast break

C-Chris Mihm-Needs to overall improve

Smush is a great finisher around the basket. He's one of the best dunking PGs in the league. What he needs to work on is his defense(which is below average) and his 3 PT shooting(very inconsistent). Two points I brought up.

Kobe Bryant amazing? Nothing for him to work on? Come on now. Have you guys forgotten what Kobe is capable of on the defensive end? Look back at the early championship years when Kobe actually put effort into defense. And he also does need to work within the flow of the offense more. Look at the last two regular seasons when he did his own thing. Lottery, and barely making the playoffs. Look at the first round against PHX when he played within the offense and didn't force it as much. The Lakers almost defeated the 2nd seed.

Lamar Odom only needs to work on his 3 point shot? You're fine with his perimeter defense? If he's forced to play the 3 spot next year you'll be regretting saying he doesn't need to work on his D. And you think he's fine on the offensive end. Go watch some more games from last season. He needs to start taking over. He's capable of taking over at times as shown in some games last season but he just doesn't do it enough.

Kwame Brown. You're telling me the only thing he needs to work on his getting out on the break? That doesn't make any sense. You do realize he plays for the Lakers right? This is not a running team. They set plays and work through the triangle. How are you going to say I'm wrong when I say he needs to work on catching the ball and finishing strong. Did you guys not see him at all last season? He lost out on at least 4 extra PPG because he couldn't catch a pass that would result in a wide open dunk.

Then you say Chris Mihm needs to improve overall? Like he's terrible or something? He catches passes(Something Kwame can't do) and actually finishes strong(he is always looking to dunk on someone). The thing he needs to concern himself with is his post defense.

Maybe you guys are just hoping for the Lakers to make the playoffs again as a low seed and get eliminated early. Because you guys don't seem to see that this team needs to work on a lot of things. I was talking about what they need to work on to contend for a championship.
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