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Default Re: who do you draft?

Originally Posted by Mile High Crew
The Nuggets need to get a big man to post up because Camby won't and I feel Nene is better fit at the PF position, as well as coming off to help with big guys playing center.
I would try to get Roy Hibbert from Georgetown, he maybe available at that spot. other wise I'd get Brandon Rush because all these rumors about Melo leaving Denver is making me unsure who should play that SF postion next year. Rush is a great defender and a scorer, what really amazes me about this guy is that he is so mature and I think he would be a great addition to this Nuggets team. ONLY IF MELO LEAVES, then I'd draft Rush. I know we need to get a point guard, but I feel that all the good ones will be gone by the 20th pick. We just gotta go get a PG from via trade or free agency, and the plus side is that a veteran PG can help the Nuggets immediately.

Josh Duncan is one of the most under rated players in the whole entire draft. He is one of the best defenders on that draft board and can score with ease, as well as being able to make his free throw shots without a problem. This guy can ball. If I were the Nuggets I might think about getting a 2nd rnd. pick to get him or hopefully he goes undrafted so the Nuggets could pick him up.

Josh Duncan is my favorite player in this years draft because of the intangibles that he gives to any team.
*A good replacement for Eduardo Najera!*

i always kind of liked the thought of hibbert on the nugs- the guy at center that i would love at 20 would be ajinca, i would be happy with either of thoseplayers at 20

i would like rush as #20 much more than id want ty lawson or augustine or someone like that, but i think there might be a handfull of guys better fitting the team than rush

i always wanted to see yakouba play alot of minutes and see if he could become a legit stopper with some cred with the officials but it looks like karl wont use him, so you cant resign him and that 2-3 "stopper" role should be open

do you guys see joey dorsey as being worth a #20 type player?

if alexis ajinga a 7-1 center/pf would be a perfect match to nene's game for the long term and is a great long term replacement

this draft could surround the 4player core weve talked about of melo, nene, jr& klieza- the fits are there if we went hard at trying to draft 3 or 4 players- maybe its impossible to get multiple picks but i think it could happen

#6-11 westbrook pg 6-4
10-20 ajinca c 7-1
20-23 dorsey pf 6-9
2nd 35 g dragic pg 6-4
40-50 j gordon pg 6-4
50-60 j duncan f 6-9

i think jamont gordon is too one handed but if there is a chance he can change that he could be a stud in any league- a bull 6-4 230 faster than everybody- only fault that i wonder kills him is that he is all left hand

i am also intruiged by goran dragic-

weather or not you see westbrook as the perfect nugget- how hard do you think it would be to trade into grab him? what would it take?

i really think new york seatle and milwauke could be helped bytrading with denver and i think it could be nice enough to maybe get us into the top 10 and maybe andther pick at 23
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