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Default Re: Would you trade Melo and for who?

ConanRulesNBC: Bulls could offer Kirk Hinrich, Larry Hughes (expiring contract) and sign and trade Luol Deng... maybe even throw in a first round draft pick.

You guys would get a PG in Hinrich, huge expiring contract in Larry Hughes, a decent SF in Luol Deng and a first round draft pick. I don't think that would be too bad for the Nuggets at all.

That may not be a bad trade for the Nuggets because the Nuggets has been needing a PG, Larry Hughes is a very great player that can do many of the intangible things that the Nuggets lack and Luol Deng is a bonus in the trade. As well as getting a first round draft pick will allow the Nuggets to maybe add Brandon Rush to replace Melo.

Geandily Trading Carmelo would be the worst decision in franchise history, our front office is dumb but I don't think they're that dumb.

Carmelo is the Nuggets franchise player, but you have to think about the team before the player and what is best for the franchise. If letting go Melo is the best choice then we need to do it. Melo has been surrounded with many different players in his years here in Denver and nothing seems to work, maybe he could find success elsewhere, like Billups. I remember Billups talking about how going to Detroit was probably better for him and it may be better for Denver and Melo. I like Melo, but some things need to be done if we want to take another step towards a championship.
I agree that the Nuggets Organization's front office isn't the brightest, but you don't see what goes on behind close doors, Melo won't listen to anybody especially George Karl. After his son Kyan was born he said he was going to be a "new Melo", but I haven't seen a difference since then.

Thanks for your comments and keep adding in!
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