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Originally Posted by Y2Gezee
If he throws the most ankle balls its because he was doing it on the run the most. Until TO got there he had no real WR options, pretty much had a bunch of 3rd options and not even a star tight end. He got one, and he did things no other has done before (30tds, less than 10 int). And it was more than just T.O. as he was very accurate in the playoffs too.

And there's no way Palmer is better than McNabb right now.

Palmer is a better pocket passer and Mcnabb has thrown ankle balls in the pocket. Sorry man but i dont see how you can say his accuracy is great when Mcnabb even with TO has made fans cringe at his throws. He's done a better job in the accuracy department but when you compare him to Brady, Manning, Palmer? Nah. Mcnabb may be able to do things with his legs these guys cant but when it comes to throwing? I dont rank Mcnabb top 3. Top 5 as far as QB's but not top 3. Tom Brady sure has played with a bunch of T.Owens too.

*checks his compl %*

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