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Default Re: Would you trade Melo and for who?

mile high,how can you even try to use a "think back to before carmelo" (bc) argument AGAINST carmelo- do you remember bc?
i just cant figure out what you are thinking

You can't just leave the Denver Nuggets past behind on how terrible they were before Carmelo, but we need to see the facts on what if Melo left this Nuggets franchise. Will this team be better or worse without him? If you have two superstars on one team that aren't willing to give the ball up from time to time you won't be able to win a championship. The Boston Celtics have three superstars on that team and the reason why they are playing well is because of their abilities to play the game unselfishly. Melo is used to playing a ball hog type of basketball, since he was at Syracuse because no one really helped him out and the first seasons with the Nuggets he had to do pretty much everything on his own. Now he has players to compliment him, but he is not using them. A.I. has the same problem when he was in Philly where no one did anything except him.
When A.I. left Philly, there was no doubt that the fans were disappointed, but they knew if they wanted to win a championship they had to move on and become a team that can play as a team. And now Philly has gotten into the playoffs with a team that plays like a team should and has many bright years to come.

I know that every team needs their superstar or franchise player, but Melo needs to learn that he has players that can play with him and he doesn't have to do everything on his own. If he can't play the way the organization and the fans want him, he would seem to be expendable.

It's A VC3!!!
i would trade melo for richard jefferson plus some draft picks and maybe add

sean williams or josh boone

That Nets trade seems okay to me because Jefferson is a great player, rebuilding in the draft will definitely help the Nuggets, and adding a player like Sean Williams or Josh Boone is an extra. But I'm not sure if it's worth a player like a Melo in order for a trade with Melo to work it's gotta be big time and get the East Coast bias of ESPN to headline this story.

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