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Default Re: Guitar Hero 4 rumors released

I'm sure there will be more GH3 DLC before GH4 comes out because GH: Aerosmith will not have any DLC.

The song creator seems like a good idea. Also, I heard that 4 of the confirmed bands are Linkin Park, Sublime, The Eagles, and Van Halen.

The songs from these bands I'm hoping for:

Eagles: Hotel California.... That would be such a fun song to play.

Van Halen: Eruption... I hope so... It should be GH4's Through the Fire and Flames or Jordan. Only problem is that it's a really short song. I liked Through the Fire and Flames not because of the difficulty, but because it was a long song. Also, I doubt it would be in the game because GH4 is pretty much like rock band and the entire song of Eruption is a Guitar Solo. I'm sure GH4 will come up with something equally crazy for the Guitar, Drums, and bass/rhythm Guitar
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