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Default Re: would you trade Iverson, and for who?

Please stop with the trade Iverson crap. I know you dislike the guy, but that doesn't mean Nugget fans aree with you and would want to trade him for Kirk Heinrich or any other scrubs you've listed. Iverson may be an aging player, but that doesn't mean he will no longer be as effective anymore, in fact everyone thought that his production would decrease this season and he ended proving everyone wrong by having one of his best seasons career-wise. I would like to see him retire as a Nugget and hope they are willing to give him what he wants, 3 or maybe 6 year extension. I also hope the Nuggets front office isn't serious about wanting to get rid of Melo either. Denvers real issue is right in front of their faces and yet here they are talking about trading a 23 year old superstar. Majority of us(fans) can agree that George Karl is the #1 problem with Denver, so why is it that those morons over at the front office fail to realize this? why are they welcoming Karl back with all the 1st round exits he's had here in Denver? Do they not realize that his coaching style hasn't been working? Is Denvers standards really that low? It is inexcusable when you have teams like Dallas firing their head coach who got them to an NBA finals/67 wins and teams like Detroit willing to fire their coach, Flip Saunders, if he does not get them to the NBA finals this year and lets not forget Phoenix. So what has Karl done, even with all the talent he's had in this team, that makes it ok for him to not get his ass booted?
If they're ever serious about winning an NBA Championship, then they need to get rid of the real cancer(no pun intended).
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