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Default Re: Bulls Summer Ideas

Originally Posted by Ring#7
I'd love to get Carmello. I know alot of people dont like his attitude and his swagger, but he's the kind of young talent this team needs. we should be open to trade anyone on this team for him. He's not the best defender, but were a good defensive team. Its a small sacrifice for a boost on offense, cause right now our offense sucks. I doubt the nuggets deal him, but Paxson should put together a package anyway. Maybe a sign and trade of Deng, Hinrich, and the pick would make Denver consider. However they may want Thomas instead of Hinrich, but i'd give him up too.

Do you have no sense in the business aspect of the NBA? They have contracts, you have to match those in order to do a trade.

Hinrich and Deng together after a sign and trade with Deng would be over 20 million. Melo makes like 13.5 million. Wouldn't even be close to working.
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