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Default Re: would you trade Iverson, and for who?

i completly agree that the #1 problem is george karl, but people were complaining about using that now that it looks as if karl will stay-

i dont think it should be possible for karl not to be fired after the job he did this season, if they really are bringing him back they would have to be shaking it up right??

i cant see how everybody can be so quick to throw out all sorts of trade melo, or even camby- these two players have been the franchise over the last 5 years- but toss them?

i wish iverson was the point gaurd of the nuggets- but george karl doesnt make him or let him? it was complete chicken**** when karl put ai at point for the first game ever in game 2 of the playoffs-

i think iverson is a great player- i think jr smith would be a better player over the 5 or 6 years that you want ai for- can you see both players returning?

nothing that happened this year was iversons fault- after karl& the front office? melo is the most to blame- but there has to be some fairness in the trade whoever posts- if a nugget fan can want to trade talk about carmelo & camby, than allen iverson can certainly be discussed as well

i really do want to know if any of you think there could be any trade partners out there for iverson? what would his trade value be?

i also apoligize if you think i tried to say all nugget fans thought anything- i have a bunch of places said i want the nuggets to-westbrook, traded ai....stuff like that- write a new threads to get rid of the hinrich thread or ask them to erase it- who cares- i wish somebody could erase those laker game threads at the top- get rid of all of my posts about iverson if possible too including this one
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