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Originally Posted by mkvli
useless, along the lines of michael bradley. thats how bad he is. hes nothing special whatsoever. stop overrating him.

I'm sorry but you really couldn't be any more wrong.

1. Useless - He's an energy guy who everyone (coaches, fans, even himself) knows won't need the ball to be effective. He's effective getting rebounds, running the floor, playing defense and setting screens. To say he may be the second coming of Ben Wallace is probably an overstatement (although it has been said), you can't deny the fact that he has the tools to be a great energy/defense post player in the league.

2. Michael Bradley - Bradley doesn't belong in the league, honestly. I've never met him but I've seen him in interviews and whatnot and I have nothing against him at all, he just isn't that good. And to compare Pape Sow to him is like comparing apples and oranges, they play completly different games and have completely different futures.

3. Nothing Special - You may be right. But as of now he's still a young guy who seems to have a bright future. Even if his level of play doesn't improve, he still has some value to a team.

4. Over Rating - I haven't seen anyone on these boards over rate him. Everybody knows he isn't going to be an all star and might never crack a starting lineup for a permanant basis.

Not trying to hate on you, I just think your wrong, and these are my opinions.
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