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Default Re: Carmelo Anthony Considers Himself The Nuggets' Dipping Sauce

Well the dipping sauce could be gone pretty soon, along with Camby.

Multiple league sources said the Nets and Nuggets have discussed a blockbuster deal that would bring Anthony and Marcus Camby to New Jersey. In return, Denver would get a package that includes Richard Jefferson, Marcus Williams, Keith Van Horn's contract and the Nets' lottery pick. There likely is more involved to make the salaries match up, but the sources said the trade could happen, making Tuesday's draft lottery even more important.
Sources say the Nets and Nuggets have been talking trade, with Carmelo Anthony and Richard Jefferson as key principals.

Holy sh*t they've completely lost their minds. Hell, I wouldn't even do that trade for only KMart or even Nene, let alone Carmelo friggin' Anthony and Camby, whom is Denvers only defense. Richard Jefferson? Richard Jefferson? C'mon now, get real!!! All I have to say is **** you Kiki and that hopefuly this trade doesn't go down.
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