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Default Re: Would you trade Melo and for who?

Originally posted by KRAYZIE

Just because they made the playoffs this year as the 7th seed does not mean that they got where they are because they played like a "team", especially with a record like 40-42. Atlanta made the playoffs too this year with a horrible record of 37-45, does that also mean that they made the playoffs because they too played like a "team"?. It doesn't matter if Philly played better as a team than Denver did because at the end of the day they are not a very good team and they did not get it going until the 2nd half of the season, but they're a work in progress for sure and were very fortunate to have been playing in the weak ass Eastern Conference otherwise, had it been like any other season, they, along with Atlanta, might not have made the playoffs with a bogus record like that, even if they played "much better" as a team without AI. Also if Philly wishes to have a bright future then the 1st thing they need to do is not lose their 2 best players, Iguadala and Miller, this off-season.

Finally, my answer to "Would you trade Melo?" is why? why would you trade a 23 year old superstar who is one of the top scorers in the league? is it because he is a liabilty defensively? Trading him would be one of the dumbest moves in Nuggets history because he is only going to continue to improve more and more each year. Coaches are alot easier to replace than players, so why not get rid of Karl and get a coach who will whoop Melo into shape and get him playing some defense?.

Atlanta may have a bad record, but have you seen them play #1 seeded Boston? Atlanta pushed all the way for the game seven, even though they got blown out, Atlanta stuck around and the reason is because they played like a team, Mike Bibby and Smith didn't do all the work, they all chipped in to force the full round.
Philly also did what they were suppose to and had Detroit panicking for a while in the series. There is no doubt Philly is going to keep Igoudala and Miller unless they can get better players than those two.
The Eastern Conference is what it is and you can't compare the two conferences because the West is loaded, but we are talking about playing as a team and not for individual efforts. Melo plays for individual effort at times by shooting the ball when not needed, just to get his points up to double digits or whatever.

You must be kidding me about Melo getting better year by year. If he was getting better year by year then explain to me why he hasn't stepped up to become a leader for this Nuggets team? He ain't a rookie anymore, he is a proven veteran who needs to step up towards the plate and take responsibility for the teams faults in their losses. During the playoff series against the Lakers he was blaming a lot on the coaches. As a veteran athlete you need to assume full responsibility and play because you're the one out on the court not the coaches. If your getting credit for the teams positives then you need to also get credit for the teams negatives.

And what is up with you guys complaining about George Karl? He may not have been the Furious George like before and doesn't seem to do anything about teams weaknesses, but he is going to be here no matter what. No coach can get Melo playing defense. Playing defense is a want for many players and feel like they don't need it and Melo is one of them. There needs to be a need to play defense and once you have that need in place then you are set to play some ball!

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