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Default Re: Who are you predicting will get the top 3 picks in tomorrow's lottery?

Originally Posted by RoseCity07
Miami probably won't get the number 1 pick. Historically the team with the best chance doesn't win the lottery. Which is great because I hate tanking.

If the Heat don't get a top 2 pick I know alot of people are probably going to be like "Haha Miami tanked and karma totally paid off". Well not exactly, prior to tanking Miami knew that just because they gave up games didn't guarantee them a top 2 pick.

They tanked because it would give them a better chance of getting the 1 or 2nd pick more so than if they finished the season in 3rd to last place. If they hadn't tanked, who knows, maybe they would've ended up with the 10th or 12th lottery pick. Then the whole organization would've been kicking themselves.
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