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Default Re: Im Calling it NOW (NBA LOTTO)

Originally Posted by MrEncinas
Completely untrue, because the team with the best record isn't given a predeclared percentage of the winning the playoffs (though some conspiarcy theorists my beg to differ). There are still unknowns to factor in with actual games, as opposed to the Draft Lottery where everyone's odds have already been decided and assigned.
it comes down to this. 25% isnt that much more than 7%(knicks). it's a lousy percentage and when only 4 teams with the worst record in the league have been rewarded with the #1 pick it shows. im not sure of the team with the lowest percentage to ever get the #1 pick is. i believe when the rockets got yao ming they had the 8th best percentage?? (not sure) i think a lot of people would just rather see it work out for the knicks with the hand they've been dealt. a team that tanked like miami (dwade having surgery that some think wasn't needed,pat riley leaving the team for scouting trips,starting half the d-league) shouldnt be REWARDED with the #1 pick. a team like the knicks need that pick as a fresh start to go along with their fresh start in the front office and coaching staff.i know thats a lot,but thats why i'd like to see the knicks get it.(draft rose)
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