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Default Re: Eric Gordon will be a bust in the NBA

Ben also had 2 more years college experience and was taken 3rd overall. Bump this is 5 years and we'll see how much better Eric is. The only thing that could prevent him from being a very good player is if a team tries to make him into a PG. He'll never be one, he's too careless with the ball as has been mentioned. Of course that can be corrected once he gets past 20 years old and gets coached by someone who understands the game. He's solidly 6'4, one of my best friends is 6'3, goes to IU and has a couple pictures literally standing right next to him, Eric clearly has a bit of height on him. And the kid's body is NBA ready, after a year out of high school. He's not explosive guy per se, but he's got extreme fluidity to his movements, amazing body control. 6'4 + 200lbs + best assest is shooting = shooting guard, not point.

I can definitely agree that he's kind of one of those boom or bust guys. He got so much hype going into IU and during the first part of the year people are going to expect him to be the best 2 guard out of this draft and I don't think he will be (Mayo). He's got so much hype to live up to that people are going to jump on calling him a bust at the slightest bit of growing pains. I saw him play probably 25 times at IU and a couple high school games, the kid is the real deal in my opinion.
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