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Default Re: NBA Draft:Teams To Move Up;Teams To Move Down

I didn't mean Diaw is a bad player. I'd take him on the Raptors for sure but he's not a type of player I'd want to use a top 6-8 pick on as he has been projected. The Raptors badly need talent at SG, SF and C. The most likely way they'll get upgrades here is through trades though. Moon and Kapono are pretty much irrelevant. Both are solid players but would be better suited to coming off the bench rather than playing 30+ minutes per game.

It's hard to know which direction the Raptors are going in right now. Colangelo is a solid GM but it looks like he has a VERY flawed plan for this team. If they really are dead set on developing Bargnani as the future C for this team then IMO there isn't much hope regardless of who they trade/draft.
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