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Default Re: Would you trade Melo and for who?

Aren't Joe Johnson, Mike Bibby, and Josh Smith part of the team? Last time I checked they were. All I'm trying to say is that Melo and A.I. has great compliment players to help them out, but they aren't using them, both of these guys tend to be self-fish and this Nuggets team needs to play like a team.

Originally Posted by KRAYZIE
Yeah, their you go again, George is the saint and it's all the players fault.

George Karl may not be a coach like Poppy, Jackson, or Johnson, but he knows what it takes to win. In his twenty years of coaching he has been to the playoffs seventeen times! When George Karl got to Denver the Nuggets were 17-25, and didn't seem to have a chance to get into the playoffs. When he took over after that the Nuggets went 32-8 and got into the playoffs. He is the 12th most winningest in NBA history and has not had a losing season in 14 straight seasons. As you can see that is why the Nuggets decided to keep him along with his contract. I'd like to see a new coach in Denver, but we gotta take what we have. Our gameplan is all about running because it's pretty much the only thing we can do, no defense and we take too many quick shots when playing half court offense. Either Melo or A.I. has to go so the team can settle down and move in one direction. Look at San Antonio they are a defensive team that can play half court and the reason is because they build around Duncan. Too many superstars with bad reputations can cause a lot of trouble, especially like a team like the Nuggets.

Originally Posted by KRAYZIE
Are you saying that coaches have no effect on wether their players play or improve their defensive abilities? because that is the biggest bullsh*t ever.

I'm not saying the coaches have no part in whether their players players or improve their play overall, but a young team like the Nuggets will take time and if we want to hurry up we need vets. That is why I like basketball players who play about three or so years in college to improve their basketball mechanics. The Nuggets have Melo with one year of college and J.R. with no college experience. In the NBA these guys can't be told to do something unless they want to because they have the money. If the players never went or have little expierence in college, I like to see them work hard like Kobe who wants to get better, and Lebron is doing the samething as well.

Originally Posted by KRAYZIE
What else do you expect from Melo? he is their franchise player and is implemented into their style to score mainly and take most of the shots..why? because the guy can make those shots that's why(49.2% in regulations). I don't understand why you only call Melo a ball hog, when you have AI out there who takes, if not more, about the same shot attempts as Melo does through-out the season, but makes them at a fewer percentage than him.

All I hope Melo learns is to become a leader first and foremost, I don't care about all that stats crap. As a franchise player you need to give confidence in your team that you can be counted on when things turn sour. If Melo understands what it takes to win then he knows that the double teams that come to him will allow him to pass the ball to the wide open guy. The main reason why I called Melo a ball hog is because it seems to me as if he has too much confidence in his shot that he'd rather shoot it over two guys rather than pass it to a wide open teammate. As the franchise player of the team you need to be accountable for a lot of the things no matter if it's the positives or the negative. The rest of the guy's on the team follow him and he needs to lead by example.

Originally Posted by KRAYZIE
Where is the same outrage for AI?

A.I. takes shots that are not needed, but I understand why he takes so many shots in the game when he has Melo, J.R., and company and not pass it to them. It's because he is so used to playing an individual game for so long that he just gets caught up in the moment. A.I.

Someone needs to be found as a leader on this team and if no one can step into that role, someone has to be let go, whether it's A.I., Melo, or even Camby.

On a different note, what do you think about the Melo and Camby for Nowitzky trade, and even the Richard Jefferson trade would you trade or not?

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