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Default Re: Early Mock drafts

I will just do the top 10 (assuming they kept their picks):

1. Bulls - D. Rose (hometown boy; and in my option the no. 1 choice for any team)
2. Heat - M. Beasley (who else?)
3. Timberwolves - OJ Mayo (they need a big time scorer more than a C)
4. Supersonics - Brook Lopez (need a big to go with the SF and SG from last years draft)
5. Grizziles - DeAndre Jordon (a big gamble that might payoff really well; can't pass on a C with good potential)
6. Knicks - Danilo Gallinari (6'10 forward body with great ball handles and shooting ability upto 3 point range, perfect for the new coach in town)
7. Clippers - Eric Gordon (great scorer who can shoot well from the outside will be great playing along Brand and Corey who like to play the physical game)
8. Bucks - Jerryd Bayless (I don't think the Redd and Mo Williams experiment is working out; new blood is needed in the backcourt to turn things around)
9. Bobcats - Darrel Arthur (they need a guy who can score in the front court; their PG, SG, SF, and C situation are not so bad, but Darrel Arthur is much smoother than Okafor on the offense)
10. Nets - Kevin Love (again with good scoring SG and SF like Jefferson and Carter and PG like D. Harris, they could use someone who can contribute offensively in the front court to take pressure off the outside shooters)
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