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Default Re: What should the Timberwolves do with the #3 Pick?

Originally Posted by FireMcFailPlease
I guess Im confused where Brook Lopez suddenly became an outside threat like Mayo is and will become to stretch the defense from collapsing on Big Al.

The pick should be Mayo hands down.

Good perimeter D, silky smooth shot, can create his own shot. Can take PG duties off of Foye and vice versa. Its a no brainer. Picking Brook Lopez is a disaster

Yes I have been impressed by Mayo from what I've seen, I think he should flourish in the NBA. I'm just not completely sure how they would develop him in the backcourt with Foye longterm.

The 3rd pick is just so interesting because Rose and Beasley are pretty much locked up in the first 2 picks. There are many other good prospects and Minnesota has first pick of 'em. I don't really think they should use it on Lopez; Mayo sounds like a solid choice. Bayless looks good too if that's what they want.
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