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Default Re: What should the Timberwolves do with the #3 Pick?

Either Mayo or Lopez. Jerryd Bayless is also a great prospect, but probably wouldn't fit with Foye and McCants there.

Mayo is a great talent and probably Minnesota's best bet. Mayo would be asked to form the backourt alongside Foye. However, as Foye, Mayo has a scorer's mentality, and I'm rather suspicious as his abilities as a full time ball distributor. On defense, I could see Mayo and Foye being succesful, but what I'm unsure is how well could Minny work with both of their guards being more concerned (and succesfull) at scoring. Who would distribute the ball then? Added to that, Mayo and Foye are similarly turnover prone and both often display poor shot selection.

On the other hand, there's Lopez who would probably complement Big Al very well. His defense, timing, and fundamentals could couple great with Al. However, Lopez is just too high for a #3 pick. Brook will probably be good, but is unlikely to be great. Minny could trade down to justify drafting him, but with the Grizz at #5 they risk Lopez being taken if they trade down more than one spot.

Bottomline, despite all my concerns in my opinion Mayo is the best bet for Minny.

I just don't like Mayo.
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