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Default Re: What should the Timberwolves do with the #3 Pick?

anyone who makes oj mayo their starting franchise point guard is making a huge mistake.

it makes you wonder, when GM's select guys like Carmelo ANthony and OJ Mayo, if they even watch the NBA Finals, or have any idea who is winning them?

Look at the rosters of teams like the Spurs, Lakers, Heat, and Pistons when they won their titles. It's nearly unanimously high bball IQ's, responsible, mature adults, and hard working, team-oriented players.

it's not allen iverson wearing a doo-rag to a press conference and blowing off practice, it's not carmelo anthony smiling and walking back on defense when his team is down 24 points in the playoffs. it's not zach randolph getting into fights with teammates on the sidelines and then hogging the ball when he gets in the game. oj mayo may not be a punk to the extent of those guys, altho he does have some character questions, but anyone who plays point guard and looks to score first and jack up shots, immediately in my book is a dud and i would keep them off my team. it shows a lack of basketball IQ and team-mentality.

i mean, i honestly dont understand how GM's STILL arent getting the picture? why do they keep drafting guys who clearly have low-bball IQ and almost no professionalism and maturity to speak of. those guys DO NOT WIN.

its seriously baffling
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