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Default Re: Day's Mock Draft ver.1

Next 10:

31: Wolves - Bill Walker (why not? talented and his dunks might bring some excitement to a team that needs it)
32: Sonics - DeVon Hardin (good post defender is what they need to stop easy points from other teams)
33: Blazer - Joey Dorsey (energetic and aggressive force inside might be good influence on Oden)
34: Wolves - Ty Lawson (fast PG who has good passing ability is what the wolves lacks)
35: Clippers - Richard Hendrix (strong, solid PF who can help out Brand or be a replacement if Brand ends up elsewhere)
36: Blazer - Davon Jefferson (offensive orientated SF who might turn out better than Miles or worst. A gamble)
37: Bucks - JJ Hickson (I still don't think Yi and C.V. can coexist and if one goes, Hickson would be a valuable piece coming off the bench)
38: Bobcats - Goran Dragic (good size PG who loves to penetrate and can pass well off penetration; could be a solid player off the bench to keep the offensive flowing)
39: Bulls - Nathan Jawai (big big body with good strength and soft touch, could provide instant offensive in the paint coming off the bench)
40: Nets - Lester Hudson (good scoring combo guard who can come off the bench to provide instant scoring who greatly improve Net's bench rotation)
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