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Default Re: WOW! dantoni who?!?

Originally Posted by DwadeOverLebron
even tho beasly is the better player now, rose is potentially a top 3 pg, while beasly is not ever going to be a top 3 sf or pf.

I disagree. If anything Beasley has shown he can be a top player at his position before Rose. While Rose is an amazing athlete and his intangibles and instincts can make him one of the best PGs (I believe he will be) in the league he does still have a lot to learn. He still needs to improve his overall PG play and his jumpshot, as he's still kinda raw. I just think you won't be able to see some of his best play until he's about 3 years in (most players are like this). As for Beasley the guy screams 20/10 and don't be surprised if he's doing this in his second year. He's an amazing scorer and very good rebounder and he will have that right out of the gate. Beasley still has to improve on parts of his game, as do all rookies coming in. However, his ability to score is something that will be obvious in his rookie year. If taught well he can be a top PF and top scorer in this league.
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