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Default Re: Day's Mock Draft ver.1

Originally Posted by A.M.G.
Good post, but I suspect the first 8 picks will go a little something like this. I pretty much agree with most of your picks after that.

1. Bulls - Michael Beasley - unless they plan on dumping Kirk Hinrich (and they might), they don't really have that much use for Derrick Rose. Also, they're frontcourt is weak as **** in terms of scoring, Beasley definitely brings that.
2. Heat - Derrick Rose - obviously the Heat wanted him with which ever pick they got, they really need that PG now that Jason Williams sucks all of a sudden. Of course, it all depends on who Chicago picks, Miami gets the other one.
3. Timberwolves - Brook Lopez - getting Lopez would allow them to put Al Jefferson back at the PF spot, which is what he's more suited too anyways. Lopez is really a very solid center, with a great offensive touch. Brook will be the high post scorer, Big Al the low post scorer. Then they just have to hope that Corey Brewer bulks up a bit, and that McCants and Foye and Telfair can mature a little and form a decent backcourt rotation. They may take Bayless instead, of course, if they want to improve their backcourt instead. Basically, this team is a mess, and they're ****ed for years regardless of who they pick.
4. Supersonics - Jerryd Bayless - They could really use a consistent star point guard. Inconsistent and mediocre players like Luke Ridnour and Earl Watson are never going to cut it. If Minny picks Bayless, I guess they might pick Lopez, but they would need to dump some players because they have 4 different centers right now, not including Wilcox and Collison, who can both play center. This is another team that is an absolute mess and needs to start cleaning house.
5. Grizzlies - DeAndre Jordon - obviously, with the theft of Pau Gasol, they're frontcourt is a now a veritable blackhole of draft busts and bad contracts with Kwame Brown, Darko Milicic, Brian Cardinal, and Jason Collins. They need a big for the future, and Jordan will probably develop into that. Because the present is going to be reeeeeeeal painful. This team is another horrible mess, basically it's Rudy Gay, Mike Miller, two potentially decent young PGs, and then a whole bunch of near useless crap.
6. Knicks - O.J. Mayo - perhaps the messiest team in the entire league. They should take Mayo, slot him in at PG, and see what the hell happens. That is assuming that Marbury is getting dumped in one way or another. D'Antoni may persuade them to take Danilo Gallinari or even Nicolas Batum, which wouldn't be unwise, but I think that they may actually have a keeper in Wilson Chandler, and Reynaldo Balkman and Quentin Richardson give them pretty good depth at that position. Oh, and they BEST get the **** rid of Zach Randolph.
7. Clippers - Eric Gordon - they just need to take the best guard available, they're backcourt is absolute crap. Gordon could very easily become a solid SG for them, and could play some point as well. If Kaman and Brand are healthy, plus Corey Maggette and Al Thornton, this team has a great frontcourt, they just really lack a backcourt. Maybe they should trade Maggette for a legit PG...
8. Bucks - Danilo Gallinari - could easily be picked by New York of course, but if he isn't he will most likely go to the Bucks. This is actually a well structured team on paper, but they just plain suck for some reason. Maybe they should have drafted Chris Paul or Deron Williams instead of Andrew Bogut? Anyways they are really weak at SF, Desmond Mason and Bobby Simmons both kind of suck, although they have their talents. Danilo could develop into a very solid player. Plus they would have the most multi-cultural frontcourt in the NBA! Australian, Chinese, Italian!

Anyways, the draft should go that way, but most likely will not.

I disagree on on the wolves taking a big since they already have Al Jefferson in the middle who is a beast. They need a potent scorer like Mayo who can take over games offensively.

Also, D'Antoni would not pass on Danilo who will work nicely in his system like Diaw was able to for awhile. Plus, the last thing the Bucks needs is another big man who can shoot but can't consistently give you rebounds and interior defense. They have Yi and C.V. already.

Finally, I won't be surprised if Beasley is taken 1st by the Bulls, but think about the teams that have/had great point guards, they are all winners (Paul, D. Will, Payton as a Sonic, Stockton, old Kidd, etc) and Hinrich is a good PG but not great. I think great PG is absolutely vital for a team to be consider "elite". Bulls have enough trade assets (sign and trade) to get a good PF or C.
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