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Default Re: WOW! dantoni who?!?

whoaaa im convinced, what was i thinking? mr udonis haslem avatar, oh you reside in miami? congrats on the #2 pick btw, since you've sold me on beasley i think ill grab him... but than you were so generous in switching my mind... i think im gonna take rose... just so you can win your championship with beasley... don't trip you can thank me later.

seriously speaking, i am a huge fan of beasley don't get me wrong, i've been tellin people if beasley would've came out last year hypothetically, i would've picked beasley over durant and oden, which should show you how high i am of rose, yess i would grab rose over oden, durant, and beasley if they all came out the same time

as far as coaches yess dantoni isn't a championship caliber coach, since you need to win a championship first to become that, but championship coaches need championship players to win championships.
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