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Default Re: Even before Chicago landed the first overall pick in the draft at Tuesday night's

Originally Posted by rodneykm
I wouldn't go as far as to say Kirk is a terrible player. I think he had an off year last year.

How about something based around this? I don't know what else would need to come back from Denver to get this trade right.

Kirk Hinrich
Luol Deng


Carmello Anthony

to start you take carmelo out of that trade- he is not going anywhere& to have his name in any trade you would have to put derrick rose in it

but imo hinrich is the perfect player for the nuggets to try and trade for

how about camby and 2 1sts ? either iverson or kmart for hinrich and nocioni or another salary?

why wouldnt you want salaries like these 3 that expire soon? do you guys think that you will want expiring salaries now that you got rose or do you think they will just add the new guy and keep going? no matter what it seems like the bulls are in a great spot

please tell me if there is any bulls trade of hirich possible for any one or more of ai, camby, kmart-

i believe that iverson could help rose by being the best player on the team- rose would be able to ease into the star role instead of being immideatly thrust into it-

imo hinrich as your 2 gaurd isnt the best plan- if you keep him you have the luxery of the best backup pg in the league- i think that hinrich and gordon would both have great trade value around the league- i would be thrilled if either could be a nugget- congrat's on winning the pick- i think its the best thing for the nba (especially if you move some of the other players around)
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