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Default Emulators and Roms?

Anyone into emulators? I've got Emulators for the NES, SNES, Sega, and PSX. I'm going to get a N64 one, too. [Goldeneye, here I come]

I'm having more fun playing old school games than I am playing my PS2.

I don't play NES much, but I've been playing a lot of Sega games like NBA Jam [Welcome to NBA JAM!], RangerX, Road Rash, Shinobi, Street Fighter, Streets of Rage, Toe Jam & Earl, and finally, my favorite, Vectorman!

I just dropped 68 with Charles Barkley on NBA Jam, LOL.

I just started getting games for SNES, and haven't been playing it much, but I will soon. I'm having trouble getting the PSX roms working correctly, and at the right speed. I tried MAME, but couldn't figure it out.

I also am downloading the original Warcraft. I loved that game.

Anyone else into Roms?
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