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Default Re: Senerios for Beasley, and Rose.

Originally Posted by kshutts1
I am fine with picking Rose if we trade Hinrich. But as long as Kirk is on our roster and in our future plans, our pick should be Beasley. I don't see Kirk and Rose coexisting nearly as well as Kirk and Beasley. That is my main complaint; many people want to see Kirk play the two. He is a good PG in the NBA, so why draft a PG AND keep him? If you draft Rose, fine with me, but you better get rid of Kirk. Otherwise it's like the Steelers, Giants, or another NFL team with a good, young Qb drafting a QB in the first round.
Sure, that guy might be better, but why not fill OTHER holes when you already have a more-than-serviceable guy at that current spot?

Well said. But as for me, I am not as fine with picking Rose. Beasley is the better talent, and gives us the better shot at winning...RIGHT NOW. That is what we want and need because of last season.

And as for needing a great point guard to go all the way is a joke. Who did Chicago have when they won 6?

From the year 2000-2007 - 5 out of 8 have been big men. 2 have been point guards in Billups and Parker. And this year, it's not going to be Rondo or Fisher. So unless Billups or Parker can step up again, look for it to be yet again not a point guard.

What great point guard has taken his team to the Finals and won? Now what great point guard has taken his team to the Finals and won without a solid big man inside?

Who says Hinrich, Deng, and Beasley can't take Chicago anywhere?
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