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Default Re: Emulators and Roms?

Originally Posted by glidedrxlr22
Yes. I am into Roms. I have a hacked psp with about 8 NES games, 25 Genesis games, and 70 SNES games. I also have Suikoden II which is a ps game, but I have it saved elsewhere due to space limitations. I also carry the whole SNES library of games in a flash drive so that I can switch out games.

Currently I'm trying to get throught Super Punch Out. In order to get to the Special Circuit I have to go 4-0 in each of the previous 3 circuits. I get to Super Macho Man and he whoops my a$$!

I still havent got the balls to try hacking my PSP yet. Damn, having those games sounds soooo sweet.
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