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Default Re: Senerios for Beasley, and Rose.

Originally Posted by kshutts1
We seem to agree, CaptKirk. I agree that a great PG makes it much easier for everyone else, but for our team Beasley is the better fit, and it's pretty apparent that he's the better overall talent. I hope to God Paxson makes that decision, too.

I tend to agree with this frame of mind as well- however the overall theme of the thread (IMO) is that either would be an excellent pick- it really depends heavily on what Pax can get to fill the other need (i.e. would trading Hinrich for a Big net a better player than would dealing Gooden/Thomas for a guard?) Hard to say at this point. Hinrich's contract is appealing to alot of teams due to Pax frontloading the deal- Hinrich is actually due only 36.5M over the next four years- with only 17M due over the final two years- a team like the Clippers or (gulp) the Knicks would love to get their hands on a player like Hinrich with a desending contract attached.

Point is, this is a rare 'Win-win' situation we find ourselves in- strap yourselves in kido's this is gunna be alot of fun
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