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Default Re: Senerios for Beasley, and Rose.

Originally Posted by CaNt Be ToUcHeD
we dont want redd hes old and too expensive... we want charlie v and their 8th pick

Why exactly do 'we' want Villanueva and the 8? Outside of Rose and Beasley, there is no one single player (even more so at the 8 spot) that is a complete project. Bayless, Mayo, Gordon - all combo guards with their own set of limitations (not to mention sans Mayo, they all project to be Ben Gordon)- and the bigs that will most likely be available (Jordan, Love, McGee, Robin Lopez, Arthur, etc.) are all either major projects (i.e. Tyrus Thomas anyone?) or undersized (Love at the 5, Arthur at the 4)- there really is no reason to trade back into this draft unless by the hand of god Pat Riley has suddenly become senile enough to deal us the 2 for a combination of Hinrich, Thomas, Nocioni and 2 future 1st rounders.

Villanueva is being shopped mainly due to his work ethic and inability to play consistent defense- not exact qualities we should be looking for.

As for Redd- 1.) he's only 28 years old (same as Kobe- younger than Allen, Garnett, Hamilton, Billups, etc.) 2.) Hard to hate on 22+ pts per night and 3.) With an almost 40% 3p% for his career, Redd would be amazing with a guy like Beasley- Beasley is an above average passer and when playing in the post he can wait for the double to collapse on him then dish out to Redd ala West/Paja or even Duncan/Manu- it's just a deadly combination. I will say this though- hard to argue his contract is a hard pill to shallow- however as I said before, Hinrich's deal decreases in value over the life of the contract, and the core of our team (Noah, Beasley and even Thabo) wouldn't be up for extensions until after Redd contract was expired anyhow. The fact of the matter is a line-up of Hinrich, Redd, Deng, Beasley and Noah with Gooden, Thabo, a key Mid-Level FA like Posey, Charlie Bell and Gray would be at the very least a top 4 team in the East with a very good chance to be much better than that considering the age of the Power 2 teams in the conference and the fact that the Cleveland LeBron's are really a one man team at this point.

Going off of career averages and giving Beasley a modest projection- that team would average about 102 pts. per game. Now that isn't likely, however it isn't impossible. That would easily be the best offensive team we've put out since Jesus was playing the 2 for us...
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