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Default Re: Emulators and Roms?

I've had a whole library of emulators and Roms for a while now, probably since high school, which is quite a long time ago for me. Recently Game Informer started doing a section with tributes to old games, and I've seen some obscure ones I don't have that I'll have to look for like Brain Lord.

Last one I got was for N64. They finally got it right to where you can actually play most of the games, but it was hard to find roms for it last I checked.

I never found one for PSOne that worked. I have one for Sega Genesis, one for Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, GBA. I think I have a Turbo Grafix 16 one, but I'm not sure I ever actually messed with it, and I have one for arcade games... I think it's an old version of Mame.

I actually started F'ing around with a hex editor at one point, editting the old NBA Live game Roms, putting in my own players. I used to edit NBA Live '95 on the PC version back when it came out, so I had a little bit of an idea what fields to look for. I lost interest with it though. You more or less have to edit one field at a time until you figure it out. Use other existing players for examples and compare.

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